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  • NAME: cherrycrush
  • LAST SEEN: 2024-04-14
  • SEX: female
  • LOCATION: usa
  • FOLLOWERS: 573379 people following cherrycrush


Cherrycrush is a total knockout, and she doesn't hide anything from anyone. She likes to make jaws drop all over the world by being as dirty as she can be. Yes, this cutie is so dirty she'll make you feel guilty for enjoying it afterward. Naughty, that might be a better way to describe her personality than dirty. Though make no mistake about it, she loves to let everyone know how gorgeous she is. The comfort in which she presents her beauty is astonishing. She, without a doubt, is comfortable in her own skin.

Usually, a girl like her who is so hot would be full of herself. Surprisingly, she's very down to earth and doesn't act like she's all that and a bag of chips. The fact that she is very approachable adds to her sexiness and makes her cam so much more enjoyable. This darling is pure eye candy, and she doesn't care one bit if you have a sweet tooth and want to gobble her all up.

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