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    • NAME: ehotlovea
    • SEX: female
    • LOCATION: Universe
    • LANGUAGES: en
    • FOLLOWERS: 1352253 people following ehotlovea


    In the last month (November), ehotlovea had a total of 52 sessions, out of which there were no private sessions. She conducted 52 free chat sessions and spent a total of 10 days online. The longest free chat session she had was 13 hours and 25 minutes, while the average free chat time was 4 hours and 42 minutes. Overall, she spent 10 days and 3 hours and 51 minutes chatting for free.

    Moving on to the last three months (October, November, and December), we see that ehotlovea has been quite consistent in terms of her performance. During these three months, she spent a total of 10 days, 10 hours, and 20 minutes online. Out of all the sessions she had during this period, only one was a private session, which means she didn't receive any paying customers. On the other hand, she had 98 free chat sessions, where she spent a total of 10 days, 3 hours, and 51 minutes. This shows that ehotlovea has been actively engaging with her audience and providing them with quality content throughout the year.

    It's worth noting that ehotlovea's performance seems to be improving over time. While she had fewer sessions and less time online in October compared to November and December, her average free chat time increased significantly from October to December. Additionally, her longest free chat session also increased by almost two hours between October and December. These trends suggest that ehotlovea may be finding new ways to connect with her audience and provide better value to her viewers.

    Overall, ehotlovea appears to be performing well as an adult webcam model. Their consistency in terms of sessions and time online, combined with her ability to increase her average free chat time and longest free chat session, indicates that she is dedicated to providing high-quality content to her audience. As long as she continues to improve and adapt to changing trends, she is likely to remain successful in her career as an adult webcam model.

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    Summary for the last month

    • Total sessions:34
    • Private sessions:0
    • Free chat sessions:34
    • Days online:23
    • Average daily time:10h 30mins
    • Longest free chat session:11h 1mins
    • Average free chat time:7h 6mins
    • Total free chat time:10d 1h 24mins
    • Longest private chat session:0
    • Average private chat time:0
    • Total private chat time:0

    Summary for the last 3 months

    • May Total time: 10d 6h 40mins Total Free Chat time: 10d 6h 40mins Total Private Chat time: 0mins
    • June Total time: 10d 1h 24mins Total Free Chat time: 10d 1h 24mins Total Private Chat time: 0mins
    • July Total time: 7d 17h 9mins Total Free Chat time: 7d 17h 9mins Total Private Chat time: 0mins