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  • NAME: shena_nomy
  • LAST SEEN: 2024-02-20
  • AGE: 18
  • SEX: female
  • LANGUAGES: english/ español
  • FOLLOWERS: 181817 people following shena_nomy


In the vibrant world of modeling and social media influencers, there lies a dynamically popular and significant young woman named Shena_Nomy. This captivating 18-year-old model hails from the heart of Colorado, hence the abbreviation "CO" that follows her name. Shena_Nomy is a bilingual model who communicates eloquently in English and Spanish, making her a notable figure in both the Hispanic and English-speaking communities. Her linguistic dexterity not only breaks language barriers, enhancing her stardom, but also increases her marketability around the globe.

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shena_nomy's online minutes by hour

At only 18 years old, Shena_Nomy has a remarkably high follower count of 161,611. This vivid testament to her meteoric rise and enormous appeal reveals that she has understood the profound influence of the digital age and navigated it with a savvy sense of style, authenticity, and personal engagement with her followers. Her influential success continues to propagate, and it's evident that her popularity shows no sign of slowing down, but only an inclining trajectory.

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shena_nomy's last month daily activity

Looking at Shena_Nomy’s activity last month, it's clear she is remarkably dedicated to her blossoming career in modeling and engaging her devoted fanbase. She spent an impressive total of six days, seven hours, and twenty-eight minutes online. Her daily average activity during this period was approximately five hours, thirty-one minutes, and seventeen seconds. This feat illustrates not just her commitment to her career, but her profound understanding of the power of regular and consistent online engagement to sustain and grow her follower count. The data indicates that Shena_Nomy held a total of 68 online sessions last month. This stat reflects one of her true charm – her commitment to consistently engaging with her fanbase. By hosting these sessions, Shena_Nomy utilizes the power of technology to stay connected with her followers, providing a platform for them to directly engage with her, elevating her influence to much more personal and intimate level.

shena_nomy's summary for the last month

According to the data, Shena_Nomy was active online on 25 different days in the past month. Most notably, Fridays emerged as her most active day, a preference that somewhat aligns with her followers' schedules and availability. This consistency on Fridays cleverly ensures the highest level of interaction with her followers and leaves a lasting impact on them.

  • Total sessions:64
  • Private sessions:0
  • Free chat sessions:64
  • Days online:26
  • Average daily time:7h 2mins
  • Longest free chat session:10h 14mins
  • Average free chat time:2h 52mins
  • Total free chat time:7d 14h 29mins
  • Longest private chat session:0
  • Average private chat time:0
  • Total private chat time:0

shena_nomy's summary for the last 3 months

Shena_Nomy is not just a model; she's a social media trendsetter shaping the online influence landscape. With her relative youth, she complements her vibrant beauty with an uncanny maturity, exceptional dedication, and business acumen. The stats underline her strategic use of online presence to build meaningful relationships with her followers, magnify her influence, and sculpt her brilliant career, in a world made smaller by the power of technology.

  • December Total time: 8d 7h 45mins Total Free Chat time: 8d 7h 45mins Total Private Chat time: 0mins
  • January Total time: 7d 14h 29mins Total Free Chat time: 7d 14h 29mins Total Private Chat time: 0mins
  • February Total time: 4d 2h 3mins Total Free Chat time: 4d 2h 3mins Total Private Chat time: 0mins

In conclusion, Shena_Nomy is the epitome of the new age influencer. Her massive following, imposition of a consistent online presence, strategic communication channels and sessions, denote a young influencer who is meticulously carving out an exceptional niche for herself. With every minute she spends online, she is not only expanding her realm of influence but also resonating with a generation who lives, breathes and thrives in a digital world. As we watch her star continue to rise, one thing is certain: the world can expect to see much more of Shena_Nomy in the days to come.